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FutuRe bEauTy 30 yEAr of jAPAnesE fAshIoN

Today October the 17 I’ve been to this extremely peculiar and exciting exhibition about the most avant-garde Japanese fashion designers at Barbican art gallery in central London. The exhibition was related to fashion and the way that clothing interact with social communities around the world especially focusing in the relationship between Japanese style and Europe and the way they get influenced each other.

The show hosted clothes – or I better say pieces of art from the well established Japanese industry showing master such as  Yohji Yamamoto, Rey Kawakubo ( Comme des Garcons) , Issey Miyake as well as new upcoming generation of designers some of which have studied in London. The first three designers from the late ’70, early ’80 brought to Europe a fresh, innovative idea of fashion rooted in Japanese tradition that at the time was pointing in a completely different direction to the west with almost no colour except black and white and the attention focused on the silhouette and the shape that the garment creates ones on the body. A few video shows the way this artist have developed their business and styles and the conceptual approach taken to choose lines and forms in a unique way.

I personally regard particularly Yohji Yamamoto, this likeable little bearded Japanese in his 40ies able to create unique pieces that are straightforwardly recognizable with those clean and tidy lines and form that creates a link between the tradition of Japan and the vibrant western community. Hi predominant colour is black and his explanation to this lifelong decision is the following:

“White is the absence of colour, black is the presence of them  all.”

Visual Poetry.


Even though the show was about fashion is incredible the amount of inspiration you can get by just looking at this work where the attention to the details is total, research and the exploration of new fields is at a daily basis and where innovation is a must. The details in the different fabrics, cuts, pattern and interaction between lines is stunning and appreciable if not enviable.

One of the thing to learn out of this day is the ability to daily seek an innovative approach to something that you are so use to as your job and trying to fall as little as possible in the banality and doing the same thing over and over.


Here it follows a series of images that I got from the exhibition website:


I advise that you all go to check that out!!!


Great stuff seriously


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