This is a little introduction of myself- extremely difficult not to fall into banality.
My Blog is called Mattys, this nick name’s root is linked directly to my first name abbreviated -Matty- with the addition of an S with the purpose of making it sound a bit more fresh and brazen, moreover if you pronounce it you’ll notice that is the same as one of the most famous painter of the 20th century, Henri Matisse, but it is written in a different way that makes it unique, or better to be less arrogant it makes it different.
I’m 22years old italian – please immediately stop thinking about pizza, mandolino and all those easy stereotype about italy, there is much more beside that as great artist like Modigliani, Renzo Piano, Boccioni with his “Futuristic Man” shown at the Tate Modern,Vignelli the man behind the American Airlines logo and Silvio Berlusconi!!!Oh Oh Oh Opsss, no sorry the last one maybe no.
Just to finish it off I’ve got a bit of knowledge of Photography which is one of my best passion and I’m starting to get into the fascinating wolrd of Graphic Design, to see example of my work you can click on the right side bar where it says MattysPhoto.

Think Less Live More

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