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thE NEW avanT-gARde

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Dog’S pOweR

November 30, 2010 Leave a comment

A normal dog can exercise power quite often in his/her life, usually this power is used to defend or deter from coming closer animals or even men, it can also be used to help men in many different occasion either dragging a snow sled or by rescuing people from drowning or even more important and  noble causes as they can help blind people or people in urge of help. This is how man has been able to use the dog’s power during centuries and how dog exercise power in nature; but as you might think this is not the power of which I wanted to talk about today.

The power that I’d like to talk about is a special one, an innate one, the dog doesn’t even know to have it and doesn’t do absolutely nothing for it, he just nonchalantly keep going being “himself” – a bastard dog – manifestation of nature, one of few that we have left in London. So the other day I happen to be in my journey back from some fake poshy boutique in Sloane street where old, young, fat,skinny, black, white and even yellow women and men go to distract themselves from boredom which is surrounding their life, trying to get some dose of that drug called shopping that makes you happy for maybe a couple of hours but this happiness is not going to last for long because in a couple of day you need to buy again, nonchalantly without even thinking at how foolish is that.

Anyway, I happen to be on this train to get to Old Street, where is my modest council building, and I got amazed by this power that this beige Newfoundland of medium size has unconsciously spread thorough out the whole carriage, a power that none of the passengers, me included, could have even wished to get provide or use. This single animal with his happy waving tale and gorgeous witty eyes made a whole bunch of gloomy faces, quietly perverted docile persons that daily fight for a place to sit and have got this unconscious need to run; well he -yes I’ve used he- made all of this unflappable human smile, grin and beam – facial expression so rare in the London underground that there was an ovation. We all got back to be like kids, big smile around, relaxed face popped out and also people breaking the iron wall of indifference and personally approaching people with discussion, memories and exclamation about that reasonably nice dog – manifestation of nature. “I use to have a dog just…” or “it’s cute isn’t..” or again “Look at his eye..” “..what is his name..” – HEY wait a second, no one has ever asked me “what is your name” in the underground.                                                                                                                             The dog of course enjoyed it and received lots of beloved caress, kiss and attention going around to get as many as possible through the space in between the sits and the more the dog was getting excited the more the crowd was enjoying it and let their formal convention blow away. This is a proper Power isn’t it? I won’t be able to do all this not even if I get undressed with an Ippo mask and start screaming!

Why is this?

I believe that this power could be otherwise called nature. Yes, nature. The dog was a nature manifestation, it should be common but it is rare. Rare things make us excited and happy. In a city like London most part of the population live forgetting about nature and its manifestation, which should be normal but are surprising. Population that pretend not to be linked to nature, not to be nature. But as nature present herself in front of them gloomy face joy arise inside and maybe if lucky enough also a smile can appear on someone’s face – if you’re lucky. I got lucky enough to see an whole carriage smiling. I luckily know as well to be totally part of nature and what I come from so that my smile tend to be on my face as much as possible.

This is a picture of my dog


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Milton Glaser

November 23, 2010 1 comment
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Seigmeister is with no doubt the greatest and most clever designer and artist I came across in my short life as a designer, yes because it is completely a new life, you really start seeing the world differently trying to catch peculiarities or discrepancies to bring to your design – it is a 24 hours full immersion job. The most amazing ever.

This is a great link to see an interesting short documentaries about Seigmeister and his new book “All the things I’ve learned in my life” featuring some of the best designer of hour time as Vignelli, Milton Glazer and many more.

Check it out.

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Simon McBurney

October 21, 2010 1 comment

Today, or maybe I better say tonight, I’d like to write a little bit about Simon McBurney, this artistic director, Choreographer and actor born just out of London in Cambridge.

I become interested in him after buying the ticket for his show at Barbican Centre called “Complicite sun-kin” and doing some research about him. He is an awarded director of many different spectacle throughout the world, having worked on either side of the stage he is extremely aware of the many different problem and difficulties, maybe is this factor that makes him and his show so acclaimed and successful. While reserching about him I’ve bumped into an interview he’s  made for the Guardian I could appreciate the man and the particular sparkle that splash out his weird eye, they intrigued me being either so sure of themselves and at the same time lost for small fraction of time. The show is meant to be extremely vibrant, fresh and eventful, reporting the article on the Barbican’s website:

Shun-kin is based on two 1933 texts by Jun’ichiro Tanizaki (1886-1965): Shunkinsho (A Portrait of Shunkin) and In’ei Raisan (In Praise of Shadows). It’s a tale of devotion, passion and power, moving between modern Japan’s neon glow and the vanished world of the Meiji era (1868-1912). Here light contrasts with darkness, beauty is unforgiving and love is blinding.”

I’m extremely looking forward to it either because I’m extremely fascinated by Japanese culture and history and because the director has intrigued me a lot.

I’m going to finish this article with a phrase said by McBurney during the interview that also us as Designer and Communicator should firmly bear in mind:

“It’s all about how the audience imagine”.

I’m also going to post a link for a funny video where he is the main actor:


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FutuRe bEauTy 30 yEAr of jAPAnesE fAshIoN

October 18, 2010 Leave a comment

Today October the 17 I’ve been to this extremely peculiar and exciting exhibition about the most avant-garde Japanese fashion designers at Barbican art gallery in central London. The exhibition was related to fashion and the way that clothing interact with social communities around the world especially focusing in the relationship between Japanese style and Europe and the way they get influenced each other.

The show hosted clothes – or I better say pieces of art from the well established Japanese industry showing master such as  Yohji Yamamoto, Rey Kawakubo ( Comme des Garcons) , Issey Miyake as well as new upcoming generation of designers some of which have studied in London. The first three designers from the late ’70, early ’80 brought to Europe a fresh, innovative idea of fashion rooted in Japanese tradition that at the time was pointing in a completely different direction to the west with almost no colour except black and white and the attention focused on the silhouette and the shape that the garment creates ones on the body. A few video shows the way this artist have developed their business and styles and the conceptual approach taken to choose lines and forms in a unique way.

I personally regard particularly Yohji Yamamoto, this likeable little bearded Japanese in his 40ies able to create unique pieces that are straightforwardly recognizable with those clean and tidy lines and form that creates a link between the tradition of Japan and the vibrant western community. Hi predominant colour is black and his explanation to this lifelong decision is the following:

“White is the absence of colour, black is the presence of them  all.”

Visual Poetry.


Even though the show was about fashion is incredible the amount of inspiration you can get by just looking at this work where the attention to the details is total, research and the exploration of new fields is at a daily basis and where innovation is a must. The details in the different fabrics, cuts, pattern and interaction between lines is stunning and appreciable if not enviable.

One of the thing to learn out of this day is the ability to daily seek an innovative approach to something that you are so use to as your job and trying to fall as little as possible in the banality and doing the same thing over and over.


Here it follows a series of images that I got from the exhibition website:


I advise that you all go to check that out!!!


Great stuff seriously

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October 3, 2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday I watched this movie called “Helvetica” produced and directed by Gary Hustwit, a film maker based in London and New York with many award won in the last few year.

This movie is a must see for every designer because it talks about the most used and seen typeface all over the world, you cannot even imagine how common it is. The documentary talks about the very initial history and all the little story behind this incredibly successful type. It also interview some of the most relevant and famous graphic designer and type designer around the world.

The documentary is not a celebration of the success of a myth but it investigate whether nowadays it is still good or not for your design to include Helvetica with some designer as Vignelli who loves order and clarity which are in favor of using it -he actually only use Helvetica for his design- and some other who literally hate Helvetica for its plain dullness, Erik Spekerman is one of them..

I have the file if you want you just need to ask me for it and I’ll give it you.


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