In my last trip in Marocco on 2009 I ended up in in this small town on the edge of the sahara desert called Tissinit, an inspiring rural village where the traid of animals is still a daily matter, people walks for hours every day to get to the market in the central square (a bare opening between the slum), fashion is a concept with handmade goods tailored by your mother, water is dispenced carefully, the woman’s face can only be imagined in your mind, a donkey is a tresure and turists are seen as money driving polluting car. In this hammlet electricity only found its way through the mountains 5 years earlier with most of the houses that still  have to gain access to it, how amazing is that? Even more incredible is the fact that while walking through one of the dusty alley I’ve encountered something that I could never have imagined, an internet point. How incredible? Imagine getting to an internet point riding a donkey? Or with a bounch of chickens you just bought at the market fluttering under the desk? The internet point is an agglomerate of second, third or fourth hand really old pc accumulated in this extremely old space similar to a garage with a noisy shutter- the only difference that a car has never parked in there. The elementarity and messyness of this place is exemplar  with cable swinging over your head and challenging your balance skills on the floor. No one piss you off with health and safety hypocriticism. People are much more relaxed over here. They don’t pretend fast and efficient applications. It was totally unique experience to open my email account in this environment, with the information contained in there that seemed absolutely pointless if contextualised with the reality I was surrounded by. New collection from the X young designer for urban outfitters, a 30%off dinner at yosushi, an incredible dj session by totallyenormousexstinctdinosours dj at whatever seamless club in the city, a new must-buy fashion magazine, a promotion to have your hair removal for free- I mean who care, I’m still gonna walk off on a rusty,dusty road. This is an aspect of getting accustomed to the web, but this turbant covered gezza are so excited and willing to communicate, explore, surf, blog, download, program, launch, open, log in, send, chat, sing in, compose, create, inform, get informed, see, understand, log out, receive, talk, see and broadly experience the web and the unknown world which lies over that rusty, dusty road.

This genuine people in 5 years time have gone from an almost middle ages living standard to the over-technological western cowboy-like reality; what we have achieved in 150 years of technological improvement through small consequential apparently logical steps have been thrown to them in such a short time. They had artificial light and the next morning were surfing the web. The gap is way to small. It must be a shock- a complicate, good, productive, openmind, intriguing but difficult shock. Their life have been drastically changed, suddenly they discovered that over their well known riff there isn’t only another riff over and over and over, the world is incredibly, almost unbelievably different over those riffs. Let’s admit it, it must have been a trauma initially. For us the web has been an innovative creation that have definitely changed the way we live our life, it has been a great change but as I said earlier we were already accustomed to innovation and incredible discoveries, in a way if you had a bit of great imagination you could foresee something similar. For them has been like a click, almost like when you switch on the light in an early morning in winter just before getting to work, you pass from a completely dark situation to light, quite drastic you have to admit. Exactly the same has happen to this people with the only difference that the act of switching the light on have been done by someone else for them. Drastic change like this needs to be assimilate and digested properly and this is no an instant process but it takes some time, you just have to think about that wintery morning and the reaction of your eyes to the sudden light, they need some time to get accustomed to the new conditions created by the light spreading through the room- the same is for this people.

Will they take on all our habits loosing their amazing heritage of traditions and cultural differences? Or they will just all leave their village to experience the world over those riffs? Or will they be able to balance effectively including some of the new appealing innovation of the western reality without devastating their amazing and unique cultural background?

Time will definitely provide us with a detailed answer based on reality. Lets wait.

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