lADy phOToGRaphy


Photography is like a kid. Photography is the youngest of the arts that fills today’s museums and galleries, she is like a little baby right in the middle of her youth, metaphorically compared with our human conception of time she could be more or less eighteen years old, a period of great changes and revolutions both technical and conceptual, this growth is full of successful achievements and some mistakes. From her first step in this world in 1837 with a landscape shoot of a French region recorded as a daguerrotype, a metallic plate on which the image was impressed- not even 200years,she is a proper kid. If compared, art and sculpture for instance are like grandfathers with thousands of years of experience, improvement (there is a debate to establish whether or not there has actually been any improvements at all from the aesthetically gorgeous Greek sculptures and ceramics), refinement and practice. In its short story photography has been able to impress, excite, enthuse, incite, agitate, provoke and instigate to such high standards being able to influence societies on all levels- masses, elites and individuals.                                  This is just great from a eighteen years old.

Since a decade or so a school of thought has fought to gain photography a place within the so aspired art category, “elevating” it to this new title which is just another way of labelling something, which is only relative to each one conception of the above mentioned label. Labelling means bounding and limiting the thing under examination to certain beliefs and characteristics- often subjective- distinctive of the group. Photography is still too young for meaningless definitions and labelling, she is still in the growing process and can evolve and progress to unknown fields. As far as concern me, art is a means by which artist express themselves in any possible imaginable way and exceed the boundaries of aesthetics and knowledge at current time, pushing forward visual and tactile innovation to get to new meanings, all this completely regardless of the fact that others, audiences and public may not understand it. Art doesn’t need global comprehension, in a sense it is detached from humanity. This is exactly the factor in which photography differ completely from art since photography has seen this great and enormous growth because it is so much connected and associated with the people, its relation with humans is clear and straightforward, with few exceptions, and this is exactly why it has become so common, appreciate and loved. Photography is closer to humans than art. She closely talks to humans. It satisfies human natural need for understanding. Being clear enough but not too much she still keeps secrets and details to be discovered, so doing she naturally seduce humans.

Exactly as a young kid photography has many different aspects of her character, which changes every day, existing one evolve and new one get embraced quickly, the list of those is very extensive and distinctive: fashion, reportage, photojournalism, conceptual, architectural, landscape, portrait, food, wedding, advertising, documentary, concert, aerial, underwater, wildlife, commercial, glamour, astrophotography, night photography and yes, art. Each of this is practically a discipline of its own which need extreme attention and determination to succeed in executing it at the highest standards pushing previous boarders even further. Technically impressing and astonishing with great photographers rendering amazing images full of juicy concept to be deconstructed, understood and assimilated by the audience that could either be of a niche (as for art photography) or extremely broad (photojournalism). Some photographer might combine together some of this different aspect of photography but to excel passion and devotion needs to be focused and tailored to a single aspect of it.

Now with the advent of digital photography and its technicality brought to extreme levels is like if photography has reached her majority. The whole world in front of her, ready to challenge the world, gain responsibility and then- why not?- once settled even get labelled. Of paramount importance for photography would be to never ever forget about her past, were she is coming from and how she’s started of! As for a woman is extremely important to maintain some kid’s features such as curiosity, novelty and spontaneity so is incredibly important for photography to keep fostering and practising the analogical side which is as full of meaning as digital if not more. Digital is a consequence of analog but it is based on the same principles which should be the basis of every single practitioner of the medium because it is simply an understanding on how light could be transformed into an image, again men get satisfaction from understanding, so everyone should realize how the process work to fully enjoy the practice of photography. I believe that this can only be achieved through analogical cameras since you can physically touch, comprehend and experience the mechanism behind it- impossible thing to do if you just get a ready to use image on your amazing 3.5inch screen.

When I was talking about mistake that photography has made in her growth I explicitly meant the democratization of the medium that came along with the digital revolution. This democratization means an initial rush of excitement and involvement of a large community with a large number of users, shops, courses, practitioners and possibilities. Usually after this start people get accustomed and the saturation caused by an excessive number of images produced simply cause a lost in interest and curiosity and they just leave the practice since they’re bored. Appreciation decrease with time- in every field this being your work, a city, a pair of shoes, a jacket, a practice and yes, lets not be hypocrite even love- exception are a reality though.

From my point of view photography is extremely fascinating and attractive for the charm that carries within herself, the charm of an eighteen years old- and lets be honest, if I only could I would definitely hit on her!

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