Music is said to be an extremely important part in the creative process. I don’t agree, I believe it is fundamental. Music can excite you, can move you, can make you smile, can relax your brain, can clear your though and boost your creativity. Sincerely, music fill a big part of my day and almost all my creative process – I’m never working on a project without a sound track. I vary quite a lot in term of gender and artist with a recent deep interest in experimental jazz and whatever is out of the fake, boring and made up mainstream which jam our once beloved FM or MTV. I like to discover new artist and kind of music sometimes bouncing into bad one but some other  finding myself amazed by the talent and perfection of this almost unknown artists which entertain small crowd in even smaller shadowy club all over London. The more I don’t know the artist I’m going to see, the more I’m excited to see what is expecting me and what sort of nut is going to impress me tonight. I found pleasure in new unknown sound, and out there there’s a group of pioneers which work everyday in the research of the most incredible and mystic sounds. I’ve seen artist playing with kettles, washing machine parts, cloth, bricks, pans and many other weird instruments. Just to mention some as reference: Matthew Herbert ( Seen at the Royal Albert Hall), Javier Carmona (Vortex Club), Sachiko and Toshimaru Nakamura ( Cafe oto).

There is a lot to learn from this community of interesting randomly dressed group of genius. Passion and devotion is incredible, with many of this artist working for all their life mastering this passion. Love for discovery is another feature that musician have in common with us graphic designer – I’m entirely sure that I could compare the excitement and happiness that I experience when producing a new graphic or discovering something unknown  with their ecstasy in discovering a new sound or getting the right sets of notes.

To conclude this quick introduction I’d like to add that as much as I love music it doesn’t at all and at any time influence my style and design. I listen to so many different kind of music and gender and artist with total change in style and influences through the creation of my work so that they cannot touch my design, otherwise it may just be a total mess! Music make me feel good and that’s what I need in order to produce decent graphic designs.


FreD FRIth



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