PolITicaL caRtOOn

First Idea for the Political cartoon Project.
McDonald and Coca&Cola being the main sponsor of the London Olympic 2012 is something absolutely ridiculous in my point of view.
Olympic means sport, and sport isn’t at all helped or sponsored by the product that those two economically and powerfully huge companies provide the world population with. Olympic is about fitness and being athletic where a proper and healthy diet is at the base of everything- training without a good diet is nothing.
I bet any of the athletes that are going to take part to the 2012 Olympic game have hardly ever entered one of those McDonald fast food and also rarely they drink any of the Coca&Cola product which are incredibly a lot.
Another fundamental at the base of the Olympic game should be Fair Play concept which many athletes commit to respect as an unwritten law. But in the case of this two multinational fair play I’m sure is the last of their problem, capitalism isn’t built on FAIR play and fairness in general. So even if I try with all myself to think of a reason for this disgraceful accord apart from the mere economical interest of a few greed men I can’t get to another option.

By the way I have to say that Coca&Cola is a great example to follow in regard of the way they’ve dealt their logo policy through more than 100 years thanks to the proverbial work of Frank Robinson, the original founder in 1885.

-All the time references and names are taken from wikipedia:

Now, how to link this to my political cartoon?How to make it work at best?
I still don’t know how to answer this question but I have a few idea to work on in the following weeks.


Here it follows the first five example of  my work for this project, in all of the I used mixed media first drawing the scene, then colouring it with gauche colour and then the final touch was pasting true cartoon hamburger from the packaging of Mc Donalds.


Working on this project is been extremely challenging for my style and usual way of creating my Graphics. I had to actually draw,draw and draw to get to a decent point so that it was possible to receive the message I was trying to convey. Lots of research was needed.

I was lucky enough to get to the idea quite shortly after the brief was given so that I could start experimenting and improving my poor drawing skills. On Tuesday, it seemed already clear what I was going to talk about and many different idea started flowing in my mind with different way of representing it as well as all the possible medium I could have used. My main idea out of which I created five different cartoon related to the same issue was the hilariously sad decision to have McDonalds&CocaCola as official partner and sponsor for the Olympic game of 2012 that as we all know will be taking place in London. Those two giant despotic multinational will be feeding million of people during that time driving the population into the opposite direction and philosophy of what Olympic represent such as Fair Play in first place, healthiness and good belief.

Because I felt this topic so important and incredible it’s been quite easy for me to get to ideas, but the difficult bits was just around the corner and that was the way in which I can practically and effectively bring to the audience eye a clear and straightforward message without a conversation but just with images. Research played an important part in the development of the project, looking at how professionals approach and deal with different topics it’s been very helpful and illuminating, but there is something that the brief was asking that wasn’t included in the work of this artist and this was the usage of different medium. To cope with this I decided to include in each illustration a bit of collage with the addition of a real series of the famous hamburger and sandwich from the packaging of the well know American fast food company – I have to say that they look absolutely perfect in those images, they look perfect almost laminated in a way and that was the feeling I had last time that I eat them, I was wondering “is this what meat should taste like?” “plastic?”.

Anyway, getting back to my work, the schedule on which I’ve been working on is basically a first part in which I was drawing the actual situation and scene with bits and bots from the various images that I’ve collected, after this I painted then with gauche colour even in this case I researched quite a lot to discover color and combination that could suit at best my images as well as the meaning of them. Last I cut out of the boxes the little photograph from the box and I’ve pasted them on my design in order to enhance a better mixed media piece of work. I enjoyed working on this project mainly because it was flowing very organically and smoothly with in term of ideas and solution – the execution might lack of precision and experience but I’m quite happy with the overall result with high and lows depending on the image!

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