This project about this interesting and at the same time difficult technique to produce images in black&white with a narrow range of shadow is been extremely difficult to develop and perfect. The difficult bit it’s been to find the semiotically right elements to place in the design.
The feeling to represent that I chose is “Irritation over nowadays Glitz” a subject matter that I get to deal with on a daily basis. Talk about it and explain your ideas and position is pretty easy when you can use words, a pretty easy and explicative medium, unfortunately not as easy is to translate this into image.

My first attempt was by using a scanner and creating a condition of confusion within the canvas, with many object and good of our daily life by doing this I was meant to provide a loose of interest and focus on each object which is what happen with our goods nowadays- my grandfather would take care way better than me of his beloved swatch. On top of this layer full of object I’ve placed a layer of my creation that provide this visual stress that easily provide the whole image with the feeling of anger which I’m after. Unfortunately the image get too overcomplicated with object that are not recognizable no more. I’ve also tried the inverted version. To be honest I was quite happy with my work and with the response of the class- almost all of them managed to guess the feeling I was trying to provide with the image; but Anastacios wasn’t of the same idea.

I then, started off again from a blank canvas with new ideas and research, in this case my idea was to cut out shapes of object that represented glitz to me and the silhouette of a man representing the mankind and placing them together to show the man continuously tempted by those goods with a screen to protect it. Honestly it didn’t work out at all, I’m not happy at all with the end result and the visual impact that is linked with it.

So, I finally decided to move toward an abstract image because of the many compositional issue that was creating the fact the fact of having to reproduce an image representing a big quantity of object difficult to place in an interesting engaging way. So I got back to the original image I made with 2 layer of foil and black ink and started to work and experimenting a little bit and the above image is the result.

The image is providing stress and irritation with all this fragmented and broken line all converging to the center, center which is white to represent the nothingness and meaningless of all those object of our life.


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