sOunD ScaPe

Mummy why naked?

This is my submission for the project called soundscape which is part of the typography course I’m attending. Basically you are meant to create a huge poster of dimension equivalent to 4 A4 in vertical and 5 A5 width, let me tell you pretty huge. The poster has to be the recording of some sort of conversation nicked from random person close to you that you’ve heard having a chat.

I personally went to the Tate Modern with Povilas and recorded a few comment on some art work, finding it very amusing and interesting I’ve written down a series of hilarious and funny comment on the work shown. My final poster is created over this conversation between this little girl and her mother in front of this video representing some pop artist in mid 60s/70s where lots of naked people were painting this canvas with their bodies. The room was very packed and confusion was everywhere with lots of voices and comment either from the public and from the video, that is why my poster is very confused in the background, to show this situation of loud confusion where this little girl made me lough with her natural question that put her mother in difficulty to find an appropriate answer.

The following one are different example of the process I’ve gone through to get to my final image.

The making


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